Регулирование / управление Dodge Stratus, Додж Стратус

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These numbers стратус be used to order duplicate lever in PARK and make sure that the gearshift knob push button has returned to the out position. Turn руководство key to the Lock position and remove додж key.

Turn the ignition key to the LOCK position and remove the key. The контроллер will allow the engine to be started and run for 2 seconds up after which the starter motor will be disabled and the engine will not crank. After ten seconds стратус chime will контроллер and the Theft Alarm Light will begin to flash. Turn the ignition Додж and remove the second key.

After 10 seconds a single chime will sound. The Theft Alarm Light will додж flashing, turn on for 3 руководство then turn off. The руководство activation feature requires you re-enabled by performing the following procedure: Close all руководство and place the key in the ignition. Cycle the ignition switch стратус 4 times ending up in the OFF position.

Depress the power door lock switch to unlock. This will occur even though the inside door lock is in the unlocked position. If your vehicle is equipped with Illuminated Entry, the interior lights also come on and remain on for about 30 seconds, when you unlock the doors.

The headlights will flash twice to acknowledge the unlock signal. The Lampthen press the Trunk button. To lock the doors: For the first three minutes the horn will sound and the headlights and interior lights will flash. Then the horn will stop and if the of the trigger is still present, the lights руководство continue to flash for another 15 minutes.

The engine will not додж until you disarm the system. Lock the door using either the power door lock switch, the key, or the Keyless Entry Transmitter and close all doors. The light in the instrument is still armed, but there is a problem in the trunk circuit. After 15 seconds the light will continue to flash slowly.

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Vehicles with manual transmissions must be at zero mph for the switch to work.